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 Software Developer

14 Mar 2019 Dt. Kurzinfo s.u. — vita / profile (ca. late-2018) PDF: CV English & Deutsch


Dt. Kurzinfo s.u. — vita / profile (ca. late-2018) PDF: CV English & Deutsch

I'm a software developer:

Ever since 2000 I enjoy helping German, European and global clients with real-world tech & dev challenges, producing and delivering in a lean, timely, performant, efficient, cleanly-structured, fully documented and accounted-for manner:

  • backend: microservices, middleware libs, custom high-perf tooling
  • full-stack; mobile-ready progressive web apps & sites
  • API interop, service integrations, concurrent line-of-business systems
  • legacy migrations, code / performance optimizations / refactoring
  • to a lesser degree, but equally interested-in: native apps & GUI components; realtime, massively parallel GPGPU

employing various languages/stacks.

Rather than the ticking-of-boxes and collecting-of-certificates, I'm primarily offering my time-honed, experience-sharpened qualities and services as: fast thinker, real problem solver, disciplined producer who ships, obsessively-passionate polyglot programmer throughout 2 decades of changing trends, swift adopter and grasper of the tech and paradigms required in the project at-hand, team player and clear communicator.

Born in 1982, programming since 1998. Generous experience working with all manner of client sizes and industries.


  • The Potsdam cafe where teenage-me coded all night on my laptop (quite the novelty back then) 1982 born in Potsdam
  • 1998 first computer; tried out C, took off with BASIC & Pascal
  • 1999 created HTML/Flash web sites for local SMEs
  • 2000 my 1st server-side web app: B2B e-shop
  • 2001 A-levels/Abitur at Hermannswerder
  • Taught a week-long .NET developer training workshop on SharePoint in Cairo in 2008 2007-2010 Further honed my big-data & C# .NET & web dev skills in the booming MS SharePoint space
  • Since 2008 kept up with alternative (to the MS ecosystem) languages, frameworks, stacks, tech
  • Penang, Malaysia, 2011 2011-2015 Left Berlin: remote work from SE Asia, Sinai and elsewhere, as owner-developer of 5 popular SharePoint-Tools.NET products; open-source work in Go and real-time 3D programming
  • 2016 Back to Berlin, gotten into Functional Programming (Haskell, Elm, PureScript), only to gradually return to Golang and TypeScript.
  • 2019 Moved to northern Franconia in south-west Thuringia

Ich bin Software-Entwickler:

Ich unterstütze Kunden in D-A-CH, EU und weltweit mittels diverser Sprachen & Stacks bei der schlanken, zeitnahen, performanten, effizienten, sauber strukturierten und klar dokumentierten Entwicklung / Umsetzung von:

  • Backend: Micro-Services, Middleware, In-House-Tooling
  • Full-stack; mobile-first, "progressive" Web-Apps & -Sites
  • REST APIs, Interop, Service-Integrationen, konkurrente Geschäftsanwendungen
  • Codebase-Migrationen und Code- / Performance-Optimierung bzw. -Refactoring
  • In der Praxis seltener, aber gleichsam interessiert an: Native Apps & GUI-Komponenten; hardwarenaher, massiv-paralleler Echtzeit-GPGPU

Statt Zertifikate-anzusammeln und Kreuzchen-zu-erfüllen, biete ich vorrangig meine praxiserprobten und erfahrungsreichen Qualitäten und Leistungen als: schneller Denker, proaktiver Problemlöser, produktiver "Fertigsteller", authentisch-begeisterter Programmierer durch 2 Jahrzehnte kontinuierlicher Tech-Trendwenden, rascher Erfasser und Vertiefer der im Projekt erforderlichen Technologien und Paradigmen, und teamfähiger klarer Kommunikator an.

Jahrgang 1982, programmiere seit 1998. Reichlich Erfahrung mit Kunden aller Größenordnungen und Sparten.

Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability.
Edsger W. Dijkstra
Working with since1998 » BasicPascal1999 » HTMLASP2000 » SQLCSSJSVB2001 » JavaPHP2002 » C#ASP.NET2003 » XSLT / XPath2004 » Prolog2006 » SharePoint2008 » F# • Python • Lisp2011 » Go • WebGL • Node.js • CoffeeScript • 2012 » OpenGLGLSL2015 » Haskell2016 » TypeScriptElm2017 » PureScriptVue.jsGraphQL2018 » Lua
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