My recent Go open-source projects

Long time no blog! But have been prolific in recent years with very busy client projects as well as self-started open-source endeavours, including:

  • yo — my ideal-ish web-app stack for Go + JSON-APIs + Postgres for Typescript frontends. Opinionated (controlled panic/recover, for one), lean & mean, convention-over-config, *.js API-clienting code (+ openAPI) generation, auth, ORM-ish DB lib, scheduled-jobs, you name it!
    • companion: kaffe, the yo demo & testing app, a web-based chat system
  • zui — a Go implementation of the Svelte design & approach to JS frontends — check out all those working examples!
  • polyglot-lsp — to generate Language Server Protocol (LSP) clienting and serving stub code in various languages (Go and C# to start with), allowing the generation of an "LSP SDK package" for the language one would want to write a Language Server (or LSP client) in.
  • cositegen — static site generator and content management system for making comic sites (with PDF generator, story/chapter organisation, multi-lingual comic texting, page scanning, auto-panel-detection etc)